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Custom-made women's clothing in our fashion studio based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Now we offer a wider range of services and can solve any garment-related problems for you!

  • Rona&Irena is a Melbourne-based fashion studio.

  • A slow fashion advocate, each piece is made of high quality.

  • Made to order in customized designs and sizes.

  • Bring your preferred design (either a photo or a sample) to us and we can make it for you.

  • Garment alterations and repairs.

  • Sewing and pattern-making classes.


Featured Designers


About us


Rona & Irena fashion studio was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2018. The namesake brand is created by the designer Relaine Tong, from combining her creativity, unique aesthetic, precious materials, and finest craft. The design philosophy focuses on timeless glamour, romantic sentiment, and artistic beauty, using luxurious designer short-end fabrics sourced globally. To support local manufacturing, every single piece from Rona & Irena is ethically made in Melbourne with the most luxurious materials. 

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