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Current situation:

It's common in the realm of fashion to make more stock than you end up selling, especially when you follow fashion seasons. This is why clearance and end-of-season sales exist, to clear out all excess from the last season to make way for the new. But for some labels and brands that don't opt for sales by design, excess stock can end up being burned or destroyed. It's a production model, and fashion norm, that is unsustainable, for brands, customers, and our planet.  

Author Mia Steiber    PUBLISHED Thu, 16 Jul 2020  Name of site: RUSSH


Why do we choose the made-to-order mode:

  • To minimize waste and avoid overproduction and overconsumption

  • To reduce the cost and make the price more affordable 

  • It allows consumers to connect with our label and the pieces, by committing to purchasing early and to the waiting period. In this way, it makes the piece more valuable, positioning fashion as a treasure, not something disposable.

  • Allow us more time to communicate with our customers and better understand their needs.



How does made-to-order work?

  • When you place your order, we will start the production process on the next business day. This process includes laying and cutting fabrics, sewing, pressing, quality checking, and packaging, which takes about 1-2 weeks.

  • All of our orders are processed via our website. Upon fulfilling your item, you will receive a confirmation email along with tracking information ( where applicable ) to the email address you provided when you made your purchase. Please be sure to check your spam and junk mail to see if there is any information regarding your order.

  • We send two emails which are the order confirmation email and email advising that your order has been shipped. 

  • Please note that the time frames provided are an estimate due to production schedules. This DOES NOT include shipping time.

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